Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Monday, October 13, 2014

What Kessi built

Marvelous "Marvel 29" in St. John's 

Below is copy from online advertising for rental units at Kessi's new apartment complex in St. John's.  It's name was changed from Cathedral Apartments to Marvel 29, 29 being the number for copper in the periodic table.

Marvel 29   7227 N Philadelphia Ave., Portland, OE 97203

Opening December 2014. Come see if there's chemistry!
Marvel 29 is the marriage of art and science, exciting and practical, grand and simple. It's the stuff a good life s made of. Inspired by the copper spires and the grandeur of the St. Johns Bridge (from which we draw our name), Marvel 29 is a home base for everyday wonderment.
Invite friends for a courtyard or rooftop BBQ. Drop your paddle board in at the boat launch. Take your pup to Cathedral Park. Grab a beer at the brewery. Skip town to Sauvie Island. Step outside to the farmers market. Hop on the 16 for a straight shot downtown. 
Enjoy the small town spirit that everyone loves.
Pet Policy : Pet-friendly
  • Unit Count: 165
      • Disability Access: Yes
      • Cooling: Other
      • Heating Type: Forced air
      • Balcony/Deck/Patio
      • Cats Allowed
      • Courtyard
      • Large Dogs Allowed
      • Rooftop Terrace
      • Small Dogs Allowed
      • Underground Parking

      As I read the above ad, it struck me how similar such an ad would sound for the Wizer Block apartments (though I can't bring myself to say wonderment).  Notice the "Large Dogs Allowed?"

      Invite your friends for a courtyard bocce ball or fire feature.  Drop your paddle board at Roher Park. Take your pup to Millennium or Foothills Park.  Grab a beer at a local bistro or pub.  Skip town to Stafford.  Step outside to the farmers market.  Hop on the 35 for a straight shot downtown.  

      Enjoy the small town spirit everyone loves." 

      Of all the copy, it's the last line that is so telling.  No longer a small town, they substitute "small town spirit" instead.

      Where will Kessi build next?  What town has the same amenities with a friendly staff and urban renewal money?   Please don't tell me the North Anchor property.   Our codes haven't been changed for anyone to safely build there yet.  What project is Brant Williams working on now for LORA?  For the developers and supporters, new urban renewal projects must always be in the pipeline.

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