Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Planning Dept Oops No. 2

In the First Addition you need 
Front Porches 

2.   Front porches in the First Addition neighborhood.

If you want to build a home without a front porch, don't built it in the First Addition.  You may not like porches or think covered porches darken your front rooms.  Tough.  The codes clearly state that you need a covered porch that is a minimum width and depth that leads to the front entry of your house on the narrow side of a standard 50'x120' lot in the R.6 zone.

USC TIP:  if you are still confused, Google "house with a porch" and click on "images."  Over 90% of the images fit the definition of a covered front porch leading to the front door.  See blog post "Planning Department Oops No. 1" for a discussion on the orientation of a house on a lot in the First Addition.

City Code R650.06.001.3b
Front Porch Required
i. All new primary dwellings shall include a covered front porch a minimum depth of six ft. and a minimum width of either 50% of the building width, as measured within 40 ft. of the front lot line, or 15 ft., whichever is greater. See Figure 50.06.001K: Minimum Front Porch Width.

ii. Porch supports shall be provided and shall be wood or masonry or a solid material with the appearance of wood or masonry.
Figure 50.06.001K: Minimum Front Porch Width

Click here to see a presentation that was given in testimony before the Planning Commission in May which includes photos of both correct and incorrect interpretations of the First Addition design requirement for porches and house orientation.  

Above is the house (plan view) for 893 10th St. shown in "Planning Dept. Oops No. 1."  What has happened to the front porch?   It appears there may be some sort of patio at 10th St. (not really sure without floor plans), but the front door appears to be on the F St. side of the house and lacks the required length and depth of front porch required by code.

Where are the codes that allow this?  

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