Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Candidates rounding the corner

Catching up to the money

Who's ahead in the money game?  Who's ahead in the hearts and minds of the voters?  These are two different things, but if money equates to votes, then follow the money.
Note:  Numbers are approximate and have been rounded for convenience.
See ORESTAR for current, detailed financial status of all candidates.
Endorsements are the next hurdle for this race

Ed Brockman 
So far Ed has reported only about $300 of his own money going into the campaign.  What will new reports show?
No new filings since last post.

Joe Buck
By far the best funded and biggest spender so far in the campaign.  From the looks of things, Joe has the backing of many of the old guard as evidenced by his campaign partners, marketing company and contributors, some of which have been connected with other organizations tied to downtown development, the streetcar, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Expenditures to date:  $8,666
Main expense: Fish Marketing $7,760
Total number of contributions listed:  24
Number of contributions that are $100 or less:  17
Largest contributor: Joe Buck $3,500
Other contributors over $100:
Mike Buck     $1,000
Bill Korach     $500
Rachel Korach     $500
Eugene Wizer     $300
Friends of Greg Macpherson     $250
Lt. Douglas Treat     $200
Robert Wagner     $150

Jeff Gudman
As an incumbent, Jeff has an advantage of name familiarity, a track record on the council and other committees, and is able to reuse many of his signs from his previous campaign.   So far, Jeff has mainly supported his own campaign.

Expenditures to date:  $4,414
Main expense:  Community Newspapers   $1,657
Total number of contributions:   5
Number of contributions $100 or less:  2
Largest contributor:  Jeff Gudman (3 contributions)  $3,000 total

Matt Keenan
It will be interesting to see Matt's campaign develop as time goes on.

Expenditures to date:   $3,400
Main expense:  Gerry Good  $1,200
Total number of contributors:   6
Number of contributions $100 or less:   2
Largest contributor:  Tim Keenen  $1,000
Other contributors over $100:
Pacific Spine Specialists (2 in-kind contributions)  $979
Gerry Good   $900
Tim Nay   $200

Jackie Manz
Has not contributed to own campaign so far; has 2 contributors from out of state.  This is shaping up to be a low-budget campaign.  It will be interesting to see where they all wind up when the election is over.
Expenditures to date:   $2,400
Main expense:  Sign Depot  $550
Total number of contributions:   7
Number of contributions $100 or less:   2
Largest contributor:   Debra T Larsson (out of state) $1,000
Other contributors over $100:
Donald Mattersdorff   $500
Deborah Alley   $500
Janet Cohen (out of state)   $250
Adrianne Brockman   $150

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  1. So, we now know that Joe Buck is the "closet" KLOG candidate!