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Up Sucker Creek
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Governing - learn and participate

Here's a good website to look at if you are interested in state and local governance.  I know, it's sexy.  A long list of knowledgable contributing authors and a variety of topics to peruse makes this one worth a visit.

Governing Magazine 


The growth of citizen-powered engagement platforms is a challenge for local governments, but it's a phenomenon they should embrace.
Local governments are facing new realities. Citizens' trust in government has declined, and financial constraints do not allow local governments to deliver all of the services their communities would like. In response, citizens are changing as well. Increasingly, local residents and organizations are seizing opportunities to engage with their communities in their own ways by creating platforms that bypass government.
These platforms are powered by inexpensive technology and driven by a desire for community improvement that is bottom-up. While some local governments are embracing this development, others are reacting defensively, at least initially. As this phenomenon grows, more and more local governments will be faced with the challenge of deciding what their stances should be toward these citizen-engagement platforms.

So how should local governments engage with these platforms?   Read entire article on Governing Magazine website.

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