Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Planning Dept. Oops No. 1

How did this happen?

1.  Corner lot orientation in First Addition / Forest Hills Neighborhood


iii.    R-6 Zone
The FAN R-6 zone is intended to implement the land use policies of the First Addition Neighborhood Plan. 
FAN Neighborhood Plan dictates that new homes are built with their front yards and main   entries be facing the street opposite the alley.
On a standard 50'x120' lot, this would be along
       the narrow end.  This includes corner lots, however, the code does allow the City Manager to make a determination about orientation on a corner lot "taking into consideration the orientation of structures on the site and nearby lots, the ability to meet setbacks without variances".   

Changing orientation requires a large enough lot to meet standard setbacks for the R-6 zone without a variance. (Table 50.04.001-5):  Front - 20',  Side - 7.5',  Rear - 15'

The house orientation approved for 893 10th St. (corner of 10th and F) does not appear to meet the requirements of city code.   See the image below.   All setbacks would meet code IF the entry of the home faced 10th St, but the (small) entry porch* and walkway face F Ave. instead.  As has been donee in other places in the First Addition, a false entry or a porch-like appearance is built at the front of the lot, but does not function as the main entry to the home.  With a F St. entry, the 20' front and 15' rear setbacks would swallow the 50' wide lot leaving only 15' for the width of the house.   

Click HERE to see requirements for porches in the First Addition Infill Handbook

Where are the other set of rules that allowed this house to be built, and who made the decision to approve it?  

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