Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Promises made

Wonderfully put.
Perhaps the Council didn't guess that the ultimate design would be so poor.  Will the Council demand that promises made in exchange for $5+ million of taxpayer money be honored?  They should.
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This is what we may get? 
Is the Wizer proposal really what this community wants to morph into?
The proposal is on property identified in city planning documents as being one of four “compact shopping district” blocks. The property is a prime retail block, yet as designed, the interior first level is comprised of: offices (not much vitality there!); a private library for the residents of the apartments; an exercise room for the residents of the apartments; a private patio for the residents of the apartments; a “Club Lounge” for the residents of the apartments; and restrooms and a sauna for the residents of the apartments.
Wow, this project is going to be a real generator of retail activity downtown!
The agreement between the developer and the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency, in Section 6.15, calls for the walkway between First and Second streets to be subject to “...the terms of an easement to allow reasonable access to the pedestrian corridor running east and west...” which is to “...seek to balance the residential nature of the improvements along the pedestrian corridor with reasonable public access.”
Shouldn’t the city have the language of this agreement made public before the City Council acts on the appeal? What if the developer and the city do not reach terms agreeable to both parties? Will the interior be potentially closed to the public?
All this property is zoned for commercial ground-floor usage, and this is what we may get?
Lori Grady
Lake Oswego

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