Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Battle of the Block: Day 1

The Battle to Save The Village

Chapter 1

"Day One: The Rattle of Swords"

Day One was a skirmish with the Appellant Army assembling their forces on their side of the battlefield in heart of the Town Center, and the opposition troops off in Evergreen Wood, biding their time.
    Two Appellant generals rode their steeds to the 
fore and raised their swords to signal the
Gods that they were ready for battle.  They appealed to the Gods to make them victorious in the coming fight.  They had expended much of their wealth to get this far never thinking the townsfolk and their benefactor would be so fearsome.  This battle was crucial for success.

The generals were joined by their soldiers, who, one by one, came forward and repeated the same chant to the Gods - that theirs was a worthy cause, and that they would bring riches and vibrancy to the townsfolk they sought to vanquish.  Some of the town's shopkeepers and dignitaries joined the Appellant's Army, for they had seen the generals' great wealth by the way they lived and coveted the riches they had promised.  

After the Appellants made their case, the Gods spoke and asked the townsfolk to give
 answer to the Appellant Army.  "What do you want?" they asked.  "Why is it you refuse riches and vibrancy?  Are you all daft?"

The townsfolk emerged from the Wood and assembled in the Town Center to give answer to the Gods.  

"My Lords, the Appellants promise much, but we have heard their grand schemes and fear the number of new people they would bring to our village would tax our fields and empty our wells, " said one.

"Our gardens will lie in the shadows of their tall buildings, and the newcomers in their balconies will peer down on our festivals in the park and our travels on the roads," said another.  "How are we to live here in peace?"

"We are a friendly village," they all cried.  "We would gladly take new neighbors into our fold, but this is too much in one place at one time.  It will ruin our life here."  

The Gods nodded to show that they had heard what all had said.  "It is time to rest, for we are growing weary.  We will think upon what we have heard and meet again at the beginning of the next nightfall."  And the Gods rested.  

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