Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Battle of the Block: Day 2

The Battle to Save the Village

Chapter 3

"Day Two: The Town Speaks"

The second eve of the second sun brought forth the Townsfolk with their parchments from which they read.  And the Gods appeared so to listen to their pleas.  And, just like the Appellant Army before them, the Townsfolk tried to convince the Gods of the reasonability of their arguments.  

The Appellants were not of the town they argued.  When they finished building the giant houses in the Town Center, and their money was safely in their purses, they would be gone.
 It was the Villagers who would be left to deal with what the Appellants had brought to

their town - the good and the bad - but they could find little that was good enough that would outweigh the trouble and heartache the intrusion would cause.   

The land in the Town Center could offer so much more to the town, and the Appellants could still take away purses of gold and silver coin, so why bring these problems to this Village's doorstep?  

Could they not go to the market town on the river's edge 15 miles beyond?   Besides, they said, others had tried to build the big houses 10 years before and the Gods had not let them, so why would they let them now?  

The Appellants spoke up against the Townspeople.  They were outraged and said.  "We read your laws and we can do all you ask.  It is your duty to allow us to have our way!" cried the generals.  They would not listen to any of the town's problems, but turned their arguments around as if to show that the people were foolish and mistaken.   

Only the Gods could settle this battle before blood was spilt and more coin was spent in argument.  Besides, they had been listening to the quarreling in the Village for a long time now, and they wanted to be done with it.  Hopefully this would be the last time the Gods would have to deal with this chaos! 

The darkest part of the night drew near, and the Gods again called for rest. 

"Tomorrow," they said. "Come back tomorrow and we will give you our decision."

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  1. Most accurate. You are a wise oracle.