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Up Sucker Creek
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

65 million years of cooling

Science isn't something you "believe in" or "deny."  It's not like a child believing tooth fairy.  Science deals in theories and proofs, but even when all the loose ends are tied up, one can start to unravel.  That's the great thing about knowledge - we can't know it all.

When we start using imperfect, incomplete or corrupted science to try to affect social change, it is

The big picture: 65 million years of temperature swings

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65 million years of cooling

The following two graphs (images created by Robert A. Rohde / Global Warming Art) are climate records based on oxygen isotope thermometry of deep-ocean sediment cores from many parts of the world [1]).  On both graphs, colder temperatures are toward the bottom, and warmer temperatures toward the top. Significant temperature events on the first graph show the start and end of Antarctic glaciation 34 and 25 million years ago, and the resumption of glaciation about 13 million years ago. It is obvious from the graph that we are now living in the coldest period of Earth’s history for the last 65 million years. Despite recent rumors of global warming, we are actually in a deep freeze. 

Unscientific hockey sticks and hidden dat

The bottom line is that there are a mass of studies that show it was warmer in medieval times, and that it was global. Yet there is a disinformation campaign out there by the IPCC and others to promote the idea that it was a local phenomenon and that the Hockey Stick Graph has not been resoundingly, completely shown to be scientifically baseless. 

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