Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blog bots and creepy things

Bots, spiders, creepy, crawly things all over me. 

The election is getting to be interesting, 
but not in a healthy way.

Ever since I posted about The PACs of Lake Oswego and Financing a Mayor last week, this blog has been receiving regular spikes (a bundle of hits) at 4-5 hour intervals, 24 hours a day.  The pattern resulting on the graph of blog activity is definitely machine generated.

Somebody is surveilling me, and it has to do with city elections.

That's fine, and in some ways good.  Someone's cage is being shaken.

It's also sad.

Sad that the elections in 2016 have become so cutthroat.  Sad that so much money and so many outsiders are becoming involved in local politics.  Sad that regular citizens are being lied to and manipulated.  If money counts, it is tragic.

Elections this year are charting the course of our city for years to come.  The forces wanting partial and gross urban transformation of the city are coming back strong, and if they succeed in gaining a majority of the council, will no doubt try to push through huge changes before the council can change again.  This was attempted in the last months of 2012 when the same people, using the same rhetoric tried to set in stone progressive policies before a new mayor and council were worn in.

Opportunistic politicization of our city government for whose benefit?  For all of the citizens of the city, or just the cabal that temporarily wields the power?


When the election is over and the dust settles, what baggage will the winners bring with him or her?  Are their contributors' goals the same as yours?

Wishing for a non-activist, non-partisan government.

To my bot friends:  Keep watching, I'm not through digging into the money, people and power that are making a play for my city.  Just don't mess with my content .. I'm watching back.  

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