Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Two VERY partisan campaigns!!

How do we get the partisanship out of our city?

This is from a mailer to Lake Oswego voters from local women Democrats. That's another thing I don't like about this piece - it demeans women by making the election about gender, not issues, positions, and the good of the city!  Isn't that what women's liberation was all about ladies?  If you have to run in a pack, you are taking women back a huge step!

Why should anyone care what party or gender someone is
if they are a good leader for the city?  

In our divided nation and Blue State, why do these Democrats have to bring party politics into Lake Oswego?  A few years ago, the progressive faction pitted itself against the citizens and stirred up a lot of anger and divisiveness.  This letter, and other advertising from Theresa Kohlhoff and Jon Gustafson have promised more of the same: Progressive party politics all the way!

The nice thing about this letter is that it clearly spells out what they stand for.

Theresa:  Pro-Choice (What does this have to do with Lake Oswego?), transit options (streetcar), prioritize parks, library and quality of life (The fun stuff, not roads, bridges, aging sewer and water lines), create a real partnership that improves our local schools (Shouldn't she be running for the School Board?).  

Elsewhere she has said she wants Lake Oswego to be more "generous".  ??? (Is that progressive-speak for forced wealth distribution?  I would like that clarified.)

Jon:  Will stand up for the environment (Who doesn't? It's not just progressives who like trees), prioritize parks, libraries and public safety (glad to see public safety - we must prioritize essential services), only candidate for mayor to be endorsed by groups we trust (If you have to look to other people or groups to figure out who to vote for.. that's lame. Think for yourself.). 

If you are not for the progressive agenda and partisan politics... well... you had better hope they don't win.  Better than that, vote for a nonpartisan candidate!  We still have some of them left.

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