Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Monday, July 20, 2015

What they don't want you to see

This is a story that someone (?) got taken off the Lake Oswego Review website.

Either Lake Oswegans are very delicate and the Review wants to protect them from upsetting news, or someone within City Hall, or some other big-wig doesn't want you reading the story because it's embarrassing.  If you have another explanation for the story's strange disappearance, let's hear it.

Here is the story (excerpts) as it was posted on the Lake Oswego Review website before it was pulled.   You can read the entire article in the Portland Tribune, the Oregon City News, the West Linn Tidings and the Clackamas Review.  Just not here.

Gladstone blasts Lake Oswego's plan to dig a trench across McLoughlin at night
Portland Tribune, July 15, 2015  By Raymond Rendleman

Gladstone's elected officials didn't mince words this week in their displeasure over Lake Oswego's request for another noise varience to construct a pipeline pumping Clackamas River water to
West Linn.

Lake Oswego's construction woes have become notorious among citizens, and it's attempt on July 14 to get permission for nighttime construction near homes was too much for Gladstone councilors who see Lake Oswego's project as having committed another mistake.  A geotechnical analysis that failed to notice boulders in the way of micro tunneling is the latest incident that councilors are now considering a fiasco.

"It quite honestly looks like the Theee Stooges got loose and ran industrial equipment and made one hell of a mess," said Councilor Steve Johnson.  "Since Lake Oswego has invaded our fine city, and I do mean that, it has destroyed a bridge, it has disrespectfully and arrogantly done an end-around of our Planning Commission design review standards for a pump station, it has turned our nice (Meldrum Bar) Park into an industrial work site, and now wants to disrupt our neighbors' sleep for two months and destroy our newly paved McLoughlin Boulevard."

"I also have concerns about trust, huge concerns about trust," Reisner said.  "We'll have to out up with that structure (the LOT pump station) at the end of Portland Avenue for a long time, which is nothing like what you promised."
Now why would the LO Review want to keep us from reading this?  Is the paper independent, or does it take orders from others?  The water project may be a partnership, but the mud is all on Lake Oswego as the project manager.  Arrogant?  The entire water project was conceived and begun in arrogance.  When people talk about "branding" for Lake Oswego, they forget that we already have a "brand" - it's just not a very good one.

USC Note:  Any excavator who has worked in Gladstone can tell you that the ground there is nothing but large boulders.  Old timers in Gladstone could tell the geotechnical pros a thing or two.

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  1. And the Project Manager (Joel Komarek) just rolls on with nary a comment from City Hall. If this clown act were in a private corporation the Project Manager would have been gone a long time ago.
    How much extra will this cost? Oh, nothing. BS, it'll come out of the contingency.