Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
Photo Courtesy of the Lake Oswego Library

Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Beat 'N Cheat"

It's all just a game, isn't it?  
Winners and losers.  
No big deal.  
Just business.  
It's the way the world works.  
And you thought local politics was different?  

By the way, are we talking about the City 
or the developers here?  Hmmm.  
You decide.  

Here is a clip from the Planning Commission meeting on July 13. The subject concerns what one can build on a substandard lot:  Agenda item 8, regarding LU 15-0017.  The speaker is Rick White, owner of Whitehouse Collection, a home design firm that was involved with the Silver Oak development in the Hallinan neighborhood on Bickner St.   White comments on how convoluted (my word) city code is, and how designers deal with it.  If you watch the entire exchange, notice how many times the planners, the commissioners, and White say the word "exceptions."  Once exceptions are allowed into the code, the code turns into Swiss cheese.  Smile!   

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