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Up Sucker Creek
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Climate Crusaders' campaign

Here we have another group intent on getting this regressive tax on citizens' energy use passed in the Oregon legislature.  Yippee.  It is so Oregon, so boringly banal, so arrogant and so wrong, one is tempted to laugh it off.  But this isn't your Mama's Oregon where there was an unspoken code of "you mind your business, and I'll mind mine,"  or "live and let live."  We could all live together then, but the game-changers are't happy with this.  Mellow, beautiful Oregon has changed.

The new, brittle, fascist Oregon elites like to tell others how to live: according to their beliefs and their new rules.  Enter a new political action group, Renew Oregon, one among hundreds.  The problem is that half of the population has been hoodwinked into thinking there is truth to their rhetoric.  Go ahead and recycle that can, and grow your own food, those are good things to do. Just don't think you are affecting the weather.

Portland Tribune, July 2, 2015. By Steve Law
Oregon environmentalists have quietly formed a new political action arm to spearhead a game-changing campaign against global warming such as a tax on carbon*

Game-changing group:  Renew Oregon
Members: Oregon League of Environmental Voters; Oregon Environmental Council, Climate Solutions

Read the article, but read the comments too - they are the best part.  The press never prints the other side of the story, probably because few, if any, groups have formed to defend common sense.  It seems like common sense is desperately needed now before more people are hurt by climate groups..

* The groups and legislators who favor a carbon tax should know that Australia tried it and it failed spectacularly.  The tax took money from each taxpayer and yielded no benefits.  The tax has been repealed.  It would be easier not to try out a bad idea than have to abandon it later.

BTW, how does one measure how one state's anti-carbon efforts actually impact the weather?

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