Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Saturday, December 10, 2016

So, is city broadband done now?

Re:  Lake Oswego Municipal Broadband

What is happening now? 

The November advisory vote of the people said no - we don't want the City Council to go ahead with setting up a municipal broadband system.  I am pretty sure that means any broadband system, not just the one under discussion.  The vote was nonbinding, so the City Council has the final say.  So what have they done?

The issue was brought up at the December 6 City Council Meeting when Councilor Jeff Gudman asked about voting on the broadband proposal.  The matter ended with Mayor Studebaker commenting, "I think it was the end of it as far as that proposal goes."

It would have been nice to get a formal vote to end the affair and not just have it dribble away.  I suppose it all comes out the same in the end, but it should be made clear that the City will not get involved in providing services that are currently being handled by the private market.  

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