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Up Sucker Creek
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Saturday, December 31, 2016

6 Favorite things

Things I can live without, but...

I love gadgets, but these days I have to be selective and make sure each item has a practical function before I buy it.  I also like the down-sized versions of products that make travel and life easier.  Here are a few things I think others might like too.  Have fun traveling and at home in the New Year!

1. Keychain Charger 
Goes with small USB battery, but can be used with any USB power source, anytime, anywhere.   There are several styles on Amazon that look intriguing, but I can definitely recommend this one by Avantree (Apple and Android versions).  My whole family got these for Christmas.

2. USB Battery

Portable batteries are everywhere, but I like these for their compact size, speed, energy, quality and price.  These are still available on the Costco website:  2-pack for $19.99.

3. ThinOPTICS Reading Glasses
For my husband who always borrows my glasses, and for me to wear under sunglasses.  These are ingenious!  Read about the engineering of the product from the company website.  Very cool!

4. Lithium Jump Starter and 
Power Pack
Read the reviews on The Costco website.  We have not had to jump a car yet, but it looks like a great piece of safety equipment and charges USB devices too. At Costco stores and online.  $59.99

5. Pacsafe Travel Bags
I don't worry about valuables when I travel.  Unless one is mugged, most problems for tourists are from pickpockets, bag snatchers and thieves.  This brand makes backpacks, totes, wallets, travel bags, purses and more, with multiple anti-theft features: Stainless steel mesh fabric, steel wires in straps, locking zippers and straps, RFID pocket...  Available at REI, AAA Store, Portland Luggage, Container Store, others, and online from manufacturer and Amazon.  Check the pacsafe website for all of the options - there are a lot more than you will find in any store.

trtl pillow
It looks strange. It works!  Lightweight, washable, thin to pack.  I love this thing! Unisex.  Amazon $29.99

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