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Up Sucker Creek
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Portland, I knew you when you were in Oregon

"Don't Calif_____ Oregon"

What the - are we doing to ourselves in the United States of America?  Are we becoming a nation of Californian sheeples, or European socialists?  Can't we think and act on our own?

Even if you like an idea and think it would be good for everyone to do something, RESIST THE URGE TO MAKE IT INTO A LAW OR REGULATION!  We are drowning in rules made up by control-freaks and do-gooders - We are losing our freedoms!

Use carrots, not sticks!  

You can tell that most bureaucrats and politicians haven't been teachers.  If a teacher tried to run a classroom using only rules and consequences, he or she would soon have a rebellion on their hands. In real life the power of the police state and fines  (very bad consequences) gets people to conform- obey, follow, be powerless, weak and afraid.  Is this the type of government we want for ourselves?  Not me.  I still have an independent mind and will continue to use it to think critically about what's happening to me and how I want to live.

RE: Article Below
Q:  What kind of participation would you get if the home energy audit program was voluntary?
A:  If the public thought it was a useful tool when selling or buying a home, they could either offer or demand an energy audit.  If it isn't useful, then why have it? (What ever happened to the CIM and CAM - the dumb education reform bill that people hated and ultimately didn't find useful?)
Q:  Once a lot of homes have energy scores, how long will it be before all homes must have energy scores?  And then be required to incrementally improve the scores of face penalties?
A:  My guess is 3-5 years for the first part.  If you want to control  something, first you have to measure it.
Q:  What comes after that?
A:  Now that the camel has his nose under the tent, there are no confines.  Limit miles driven on one's auto and tax the amount higher than that? Disallow single-occupancy cars inside the city core?  Require all roofs to be white, solar or green?  If you can think it, the Central Planners can do it -uunless someone stops this nonsense.

Tyrannical governments can't take the chance that people might not behave the way they want, so certain behaviors are forced on the public through extreme laws and the power of the police state.  Totalitarian regimes can't abide noncompliance.  What would happen to their power structure and elitism if people had too many choices?

Portland Tribune, December 9, 2016. By Steve Law

Portland closer to requiring Home Energy Scores, energy audits, for home listings    

in 2018, those who sell homes in Portland likely will have to commission a home energy audit to determine a Home Energy Score, providing those to prospective home buyers.

About 35 percent of Portland's housing stock was built before 1940, and those homes will find it hard to compete with newer, energy-efficient homes on the basis of Home Energy Scores, Leo said. Home buyers might walk away from such homes, or lenders might decline granting loans needed by the would-be buyers, she said. "A low score can result in a loan being denied and the transaction falling apart." 
About 600 letters opposed to the Home Energy Score were sent to the city by Realtors. The trade group set up a website, nocostlymandates.com, and a digital media campaign directing people to that website. In addition, the Realtors recently mailed more than 30,000 tear-off postcards to Portland households with registered voters, Leo said.

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