Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Planning meeting dates for your calendar

Even if you can't get to all the meetings you would like, try to pick a couple of issues, or just one, and write to the committee in charge, to the appropriate board or commission, or to the city council with your opinions.  

We all need to help one another - no one wants to think they are shouldering the load by themselves - the burden is too great.  Our community operates best when many people share the responsibilities of government, and it is up to the people who want to be our leaders to make sure this happens.

These 4 planning projects have the potential to improve or disturb the character of Lake Oswego neighborhoods and change how the city functions.  The Stakeholder Advisory Cimmittees represent only a few parties and their own interests.  If you wanted to be on a committee and didn't know that it existed until it was too late, or the committee was selected by staff and you never had a chance, will your opinion matter now?

Do these Advisory Committees represent YOU?
How do you know?   

Southwest Employment Area (SWEA) 
August 18.  Time and place TBD.  
Check project website for more details.
The Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) will be meeting to review citizen inout from their open house held a few months ago.  The meeting is open to the public with opportunities for public comment.

Boones Ferry Road Project: Open House
September 24, 6-9 PM, Lake Grove Presbyterian Church
What are the options for turn lanes and intersections along Boones Ferry Rd?  Come to the Open House and leave your ideas behind.   Check project website for updates and information.

Lake Grove Parking Management Plan 
Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting TBD
Meeting estimated to be end of August to first of September
A revised Draft Plan will be distributed to committee members prior to the meeting where particulars will be discussed.  Interested parties should contact Project Manager, Jordan Wheeler (Deputy City Manager) for copies of the Draft Plan.  The meeting is open to public.
PP 13-0007

Ad Hoc Tree Code Advisory Committee
TBD City Hall 
Second of four meetings of the committee to be in August.  Meetings are open to public and there is time for public comment.  See project website for details about this committee and now to give your ideas to the committee and City Council.

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