Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
Photo Courtesy of the Lake Oswego Library

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lost or found on the PTC

I finally got around to seeing the movie, Wild.  The movie is based on the autobiographical story of its author, Cheryl Strayed, as she tackles the Pacific Crest Trail - alone.  At one time this sounded like a romantic, lonely adventure that many aspired to, but few actually accomplished.  From the looks of some recent photos of life on the trail, it seems to be considerably more popular today than when I (we) were younger.

I highly recommend the movie, though what I got out of it was something different than the person sitting next to me.  If you watch this movie ($1 at Redbox), tell me and other readers what you thought of it.

I then went looking for maps of the PTC and came across this one accompanied by a video of a hiker and video journalist, who chronicled his own transformation along the trail in selfies taken every mile of the 2,660-mile trek.  While watching the man morph into a tougher and wiser version of himself, the background of the California/Mexico desert, the high Sierras and the Pacific Northwest Cascades takes the viewer on a wild ride through a vast, rugged wilderness.

The video journey takes about 4 minutes.  Have fun - without the effort - or the reward.  The map at the bottom of the webpage is interesting also.

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