Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
Photo Courtesy of the Lake Oswego Library

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fire in the 'hood

Lake Oswego Fire Department was on its toes during the wee hours, extinguishing a 1-acre brush fire at East Waluga Park.  Obviously, neighbors were happy with the result - no property or people were hurt.

If you are not already on the Code Red emergency alert system, DO IT NOW.  Information is on the LOFD website.

What if the fire was bigger?

Cutting down all the trees isn't the answer, but thinning and pruning are.  Crowded and choked trees are less healthy, dead limbs and snags are tinder.  Keep the landscape well-watered and green during the summer.  Alternatively, you could have more (permeable) hardscape.

The best thing to do is make your home fire safe, inside and out.  Create a defensible zone.  Consult Arborists and Fire officials.  Do it before a fire comes down your street.

From koin.com:

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