Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stafford Hamlet Leads the Way in Self-Determination

I had an opportunity on Saturday (10/12/13) to attend a Stafford Hamlet planning meeting.  There will be another one Monday night for those who couldn't make it on Saturday.

The energy and interest in the group attending was exciting to see.  There were invited speakers - Clackamas County Commissioner, Paul Savas, a land use attorney, an expert in land use planning, and someone from the County Conservation Dept.  I am sorry I did not get all the names - I was more interested in the conversation than the introductions.

The most inspiring thing about the meeting was the unity among the participants.  Whether or not they all agreed on a particular plan concept, they were all adamant that they wanted to be in control of the future of the Stafford area when it moves from being an Urban Reserve to within the Urban Growth Boundary.  The Hamlet wants to manage its growth themselves, and toward that end, they are designing their own land use plan.  Self-determination - it works for individuals and it works for local entities too.

Stafford Hamlet's specific plans may not fit our needs, but in their single-minded view of how they want to keep their rural character, Lake Oswego could learn a lot from this dedicated group.  From an Oregonian article earlier this year:

Group petitions to let Stafford residents vote on urban growth boundary inclusion
By Justin Runquist, July 17, 2013

" 'Citizens can and should be involved in influencing the decisions made by government which affects them,' Adams said in a statement released by the coalition. 'That's the American way and the Oregon way.'

About 150 residents – including some current and former members of the Stafford Hamlet board – are part of the group, Adams said. Their goal isn't to prevent growth altogether, but to preserve Stafford's rural legacy and kick off a discussion about how land development would impact the community, he said."

"The decision on inclusion is ultimately up to Metro, Adams said. He looks to Damascas, which has become mired in civic turmoil since it joined the UGB nearly a decade ago, as a harbinger of what could become of the Stafford Hamlet.

'I think even Metro, having gotten their hands burned at Damascus, would understand the wisdom of an advisory vote so we know going in where is the will of the people,' he said"

BELOW ARE CONCEPT DRAWINGS ONLY AND BELONG TO THE STAFFORD HAMLET!   These are posted here for information only, and NOT as a suggestion for Lake Oswego land use planning.

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