Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Studebaker picks his team

What's the big deal with the Mayor's race this year?
Since Jon Gustafson is going to go for a slate of candidates for a 
"Progressive Majority on the Lake Oswego City Council," 

Kent Studebaker is advertising his slate for a "Nonpartisan" crew.  

Each of them is telling you who they want to work with, who they want elected that shares their point of view, and which team we should be on.  Normally I don't mind that candidates align with one another, but this year everything seems antagonistic, especially in the Mayoral race in the fight between Kent Studebaker and Jon Gustafson. First one does or says something, and then the other does it back.  (See previous post "Tit for tat")

It is obvious that these two candidates for mayor have way too much money to throw back and forth!  A second look at their campaign $upporter$ is needed.  Who wants these guys to be elected, and why?    

Where is Dave Berg in all this?  

Out pounding the pavement, talking to citizens, calling and talking to them, answering their questions, absorbing their comments and concerns.  Berg's integrity is unquestioned and his nonpartisanship extends to his campaign supporters - he has no special interests.  

While the other boys are slugging it out in the pits, give Dave Berg, a well-qualified, dignified leader the opportunity to guid the city to a great and stable future, built on the character and charm of Lake Oswego, and concern for its citizen.  

Thank goodness November 8 is just 6 days away!  

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