Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Sunday, November 6, 2016

LO GIG is already OOD

OOD: Out of Date

What makes Lake Oswego think it can compete with a giant and win?  Arrogance can be very costly.  
To see which companies offer internet service in your zip code, click here:  BroadbandNow

How soon will technology be available for wireless internet connections? More or less than 30 years?

Lake Oswego, OR has a total of 25 Internet providers including 

Comcast will launch gigabit service in Oregon early next year
Oregonlive, November 1, 2016  By Mike Rogoway

Google's out. But Comcast says it's in.
The cable TV company said Tuesday it will begin offering superfast internet service in Oregon and Southwest Washington "in early 2017."
Comcast's speeds will run up to 1 gigabit per second, 25 times faster than the federal broadband standard, in this market and several others across the country.
Very few homes need gigabit connections, equivalent to 1,000 megabits per second. Those speeds are faster than almost any web service can support. Netflix, for example, says 25 megabits per second is fast enough for streaming its top-end, ultra-high-definition video.
That may change, though, as a proliferation of household devices put more strain on residential connections, especially in homes where multiple family members are online at once. And the proliferation of faster speeds may motivate companies to create new services that take advantage of those connections.
CenturyLink has already begun replacing its old copper phone lines in Portland with high-capacity fiber, and offers gigabit service in much of the city and in some suburbs, including parts of Lake Oswego and Vancouver.
Comcast's new 1 gig service, by contrast, doesn't require new wiring (it does, in some cases, need a new modem). It uses a technology called DOCSIS 3.1 that is compatible with Comcast's existing cable TV system.

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