Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
Photo Courtesy of the Lake Oswego Library

Monday, July 25, 2016

What Lake Oswegans are thinking

What's on your mind? 

From Nextdoor

Why is it so difficult for these invaluable trees to be protected as part of the initial purchase and designed around rather than cut down? 

This destruction of significant old growth trees to make way for supersized homes crammed onto every square inch is shortsighted and heartbreaking in our neighborhoods. 

If this is a concern, please let the project's City Planner, Evan Fransted, efransted@ci.oswego.or.us, know your thoughts. He said all comments are taken into consideration as this application is reviewed: 
This is not only about this one invaluable century oak--it's letting the City know there are residents out here who care about this trend.

The amount of apparently-careless destruction happening in the area to cram in more houses *is* a bit horrifying, I have to agree.

We moved to Lake *Grove*, not Lake *Another-Boring-Flat-Field-Filled-With-McMansions-and-Paving-Like-Anywhere-In-California*

We recently moved here from Eastmoreland, where it has been a huge problem, and this kind of thing is so difficult to stop once it's started. Lot splitting, destruction of charming and historic homes, building of huge McMansions, beautiful trees getting cut down--all can lead to the degradation of beautiful neighborhoods. Email the city planner now!
Destruction of neighborhoods
Destruction of trees
Destruction of the character of our town
Increased density
Look-alike McMansions crowded onto smaller lots
Losing what we value about Lake Oswego


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