Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Mayoral race gone Quackers

This week there is a Citizens View column by Kent Studebaker titled, "Bugs, Daffy, and the race for mayor" and a Letter to the Editor by Carol Riggs titled "Positive Energy". I couldn't help but notice numerous similarities in the pieces, pulling together what I assume to be a coordinated theme for the campaign - at least for this week.

I expect similar themes to be revealed in the coming weeks and months' right up to Election Day.  There are suggestions that the string of publications favoring Kent are orchestrated by political strategist, Elaine Franklin, and although the rumor seems plausible, we haven't been able to peek behind that curtain to confirm it.

I may be daffy, but this has me buggy.

Very little has been written about or by the candidates so far except the Review announcements of candidacy, an opinion piece by Dave Berg, a couple by Studebaker, and a series of weekly letters supporting Kent
Below are quotes from this week's articles.  Studebaker's words are in red, and Riggs' are in blue.  See what you think.  Read the entire pieces on the LO Review website in the Opinion section.


My friends comment that I need to react more. That’s not my style...
Quietly and without pomp, Kent Studebaker has led our little city.

... a first-rate city needs first-rate infrastructure in order to attract new taxpaying residents and businesses to support our schools.
His vision of a lively downtown with the North Anchor project will attract new business dollars and a tax base to support our schools.

Prioritizing infrastructure, police, fire and operations may sound boring, but we still generously supported parks and the arts and set aside $400,000 for bikeways and pathways without raising taxes.
prioritizing infrastructure, police, fire, parks, the arts and bike pathswithout raising our taxes.

... and put this city in a position to go forward into a great future.  Lake Oswego is headed toward a very bright future. 
...who was also very excited about the future our city was taking. 

I look forward to four more years...
I look forward to the next four years....

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