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Up Sucker Creek
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Making transit connections

Lake Oswego IS in the Southwest Corridor

Metro thinks so.  A lot of people agree.  why they are wanted?   I've said before that transportation and urban renewal plans are all about development, but this post is more about what, not why.
How can anyone deny geography?  But geography can be complicated with overlapping jurisdictions and changing land use plans.  How does Lake Oswego fit into the Southwest Corridor Plan?  What is the final plan for the area?   These are the things "they" never tell you.  You may agree with the transportation plans, but wouldn't you like to know

Original planning for the Southwest Corridor Plan included a representative from Lake Oswego. on its steering committee.  LO mayor, Kent Studebaker, wrote a letter to Metro excluding Lake Osego from participation in the SWCP as a "partner", but he couldn't move the city or put up barriers to keep traffic out.  Partner status would have committed the city to financially support the plan.  But are we committed anyway?

             Neil McFarland, Trimet General Manager, Southwest Service Enhancement Plan Final Report
             Over the past year and a half, TriMet has engaged the communities of Durham, King City, Lake    
             Oswego, SW Portland, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, and West Linn in a process to develop the 
             Southwest Service Enhancement Plan (SWSEP), a long-range vision to improve bus service and bus 
             stops, and to recommend pedestrian improvements. 

The Tigard Triangle is connected to the SWCP as it includes the HCT route within it.  A quick look (well, not so quick to find) at the Tigard Triangle Strategic Plan  (Fiinal Plan, March 2015) shows several active transportation (pedestrian and bicycle) projects that include Lake Oswego.  Some of these projects were taken off of the City's TSP maps (those on private property), but others exist that may surprise.  The TIgard Triangle Strategic Plan included Lake Oswego's Transportation Engineer on its Technical Advisory Committee, so someone in the LO knows what is in the Plan.

            Southwest Service Enhancement Plan Final Report 12/2015:
            Opportunities for Action
              TriMet will continue to partner with local cities, counties and ODOT to improve pedestrian 
              environments. However cities, county and ODOT must also make pedestrian improvements a high 

The Southwest Employment Area is in the Southwest Corridor Plan area.  TriMet's Service "Enhancements" change of South Shore Route, #36 to go through the district will service employers/employees - and future development.

              Southwest Service Enhancement Plan Final Report 12/2015:
              Downtown Lake Oswego to King City (Line 36)
              Extend the South Shore Boulevard line from the Tualatin Park & Ride to King City via 
              72nd Avenue and Durham to improve east-west connections between Lake Oswego, Tualatin, 
             Tigard, and King City, and add trips. Extend the line to Jean Way to better serve businesses 
             in the Lake Oswego Commerce Center.  

The Kruse Way Employment Area is in the Southwest Corridor Plan area.
  1.    Southwest Service Enhancement Plan Final Report 12/2015: 
       As employment grows throughout the region, long gone is the day when Downtown Portland was
  2.    the only concentration of jobs. While there will always be strong demand for fast, frequent transit
  3.    service to Downtown Portland, there is also more need than ever for transit service within 
  4.    Southwest, particularly in employment areas with a large number of entry level and middle wage 
  5.    jobs such as: 
    • Kruse Way/Meadows Road 

From Southwest Corridor Plan: Vision and Context 12/2012

From Southwest Corridor Plan, Key Issues: Tigard  Final Review Draft  9/2015

From Tigard Triangle Strategic Plan, Final Draft  9/2015

From Tigard Triangle Strategic Plan, Final Draft  9/2015

From Trimet Southwest Service Enhancement Plan for Future Service (current)

From Metro Regional Active Transportation Plan 2015

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