Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
Photo Courtesy of the Lake Oswego Library

Monday, September 7, 2015

Third Annual Road Watch

Third Annual
Lakeview Boulevard 
between Summit Driveand Iron Mountain Boulevard 

Lakeview Boulevard is falling into the Springbrook Creek ravine.

Here is the "Before" photo                                       Here is the "After" photo taken on
taken in October 2013.                                             September 5, 2015

In two years, the ground in the photo on the right has eroded so much that a small dog could disappear in the hole between the guardrail and the shoulder of the road.  Even the ivy can't stop the land from sliding downhill.  Beware that there is a potential for injury to pedestrians and bicyclists because the guardrail is so far removed from the shoulder, and because the level of the shoulder has dropped significantly below the surface of the street and is very soft.

This is much worse than in 2013 where the main issues were the deformed guardrail and slumping asphalt.  Of course all of the problems are related and are part of a slope that is failing.  So far, the city's response has been to put down some straw to absorb water runoff from the road and to pave over the cracked and slumping spots.  The straw is going over the edge too.  Ouch!

As you look north towards the Hunt Club, there is another area of erosion (see below).  In these photos, you can see that the eroded soil goes straight downhill to Springbrook Creek.  There are faded markings on the road which makes me wonder if Public Works was planning on doing another overlay on the downhill side of the road.  What would that do?

I'm no engineer, but after the slope is stabilized, the city will need to take care of the storm water on the road.  Is this part of their Stormwater Management Plan?  Where will the water to go - the lake?  Hmmmm.

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