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Up Sucker Creek
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Active" transportation too cool not to use

Now we're talking!  My kind of "active" transportation.  I don't really think the Smart Growthers mind if people use human power or electric motors or something else to get around - it isn't our good health that is the goal of using bicycles or walking.  Personal transportation is good as long as it isn't the evil automobile that uses evil, carbon-based fuel, and takes up real estate within the UGB.  

Wall Street Journal, by Andrew Tangel  September 22, 2015

New Yorkers Find New Ways to Roll

Self-balancing scooters, electric unicycles and other personal transportation gadgets take the city

They stand on self-balancing scooters, which are often called hoverboards and resemble small Segways without handlebars. The gizmos come with their own safety risks and at least one other drawback:

“You’re going to get fat!” one passerby told Jeremy Epstein, 27 years old, while he rode his in Manhattan.

If two wheels are one too many, riders such as Keith Fridia, who turns 45 on Tuesday, opt for electric unicycles to buzz around. “One wheel—like the Jetsons,” said Mr. Fridia, a barber who lives in Brooklyn. “I do feel like I’m in the future.”

Riders of Citi Bikes, personal bicycles and foot-powered scooters can get a boost with a ShareRoller, a motorized device that attaches to the handlebars and moves the front wheel.

Use link above to read the entire article and for video.

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