Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Density at ANY cost?

Density is a dirty word to a growing number of Metro area residents.  Clackastanis, followed by residents in Washington County and Portland are pushing back on Metro's (Smart?) urban growth plans.  The plans have had the effect of limitting housing choices, increasing housing costs, and tearing apart the fabric of existing neighborhoods with destructive infill and limited parking.  A lot of these planning principles are hitting Lake Oswego, and residents here too are angry and split over how growth should look.

Here are three Portland Tribune articles on urban growth published just this week. These stories are becoming more common as discontent spreads throughout the region.  But first read Dr. Gerry Mildner's report: Density at Any Cost as the basis for all reactions to Metro Plans. (Link also at bottom.)

The message needs to get to our Blue State Legislature that the people are uneasy and want and out of the social experiment called urban planning.  Whatever the profession used to be, it isn't the same now - arrogance and ideology trump human nature and quality of life.

Sure planners and urban idealogues say they like the idea of Smart Growth, but when the accumulated effects of this theoretical planning destroy the livibility of the Portland region, expect these people to opt for a new home leaving the rest of us to live with their mess. How many urban planners live in the Beaverton Round?  Or any similar TOD?  No, that's for the masses - for us.

Hit the pause button.  You already know what the citizens want.  Make it happen.  If the problem is in Salem - go to Salem.

December 04, 2014

Planners, neighbors spar over mixed-use zones in comp plan

by Jim Redden
Officials reluctant to delay vote until details are ironed out Portland planners have released concepts of four new mixed-use zones where most growth is expected to occur during the next 20…

Photo Credit: TRIBUNE PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Many more apartment buildings like these in St. Johns will have to be built in the region to prevent he Urban Growth Boundary from being expanded, according to a report to be considered by the Metro Council on Thursday.
December 03, 2014

Region's mayors question Metro's density plan

by Jim Redden 
Ad-hoc organization pushes back on housing shift An informal organization representing the region's mayors is questioning whether a proposal to increase density will work — or whether it will…
(Way to go Kent!)

December 02, 2014

Expert: More density in Portland will drive up housing costs

by Jim Redden
PSU real estate professor says Metro assumptions are flawed Regional plans to increase density will drive up housing costs, burden the poor and cost local governments billions they do not have,…

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