Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Friday, August 4, 2017

Rush hours blues

Overheard at the doctor's office today: 

"I leave work at either 4 or 6 these days - the rush hour lasts 2 hours now so I have to leave earlier or wait until the traffic dies down."

Oregonlive.com. August 3, 2017 
Rush "hour" no more: Portland's 9 worst highway bottlenecks 

It’s not your imagination: Highway congestion and delays in the Portland area have worsened precipitously in recent years, the Oregon Department of Transportation says.

The evening “rush hour” commute now lasts six hours or more on several key metro highways. Some see congestion all afternoon; others no longer have a break in congestion between the morning and afternoon commute.

It’s not just about new residents. The worsening traffic comes as people are driving more, thanks to an improved economy and low gas prices. The bump in economic activity has also led to more freight traffic on the roads.
Could it be that the Portland Metro Area has not built or significantly expanded any highway since I-205 was built, even though the population has mushroomed?  

Could it be that Portland, with the encouragement and blessings of the State of Oregon has converted state highways within its borders into "walkable streets where traffic lanes have been reduced from 4 lanes to 2?

Could it be that about 80% of workers still commute by car fndind it the most convenient despite worsening traffic conditions?

Could it be that an anti-auto Smart Growth delusion that Central Planners cling to has intentionally  made traffic congestion worse, with the irrational thinking that people would eventually give up their cars?

The most congested freeway bottleneck: (See the full article for the rest of the worst.)

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