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Up Sucker Creek
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Ideas for Lake Grove

USC has been knocking these ideas around for awhile.  An article in TheTimes (Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood) inspired me to throw these out to you to see what others think.
How to improve Lake Grove for the next generation

  • The East End has multiple public buildings and parks available for meetings and events. People say they want a public meeting space in the West End too, especially after the sale of the WEB.  
  • Business owners want to see more foot traffic - difficult to do with strip development.
  • Parking is at a premium in Lake Grove.  
  • There is no space for outdoor festivals and events.  
  • At some point, the LO School District will have to sell Lake Grove School.  The land is simply too valuable and their need for money is too great.  The city should buy the school and the property (including the bus barn/parking in the rear).  Yes, it will cost a lot,  it not anything like the WEB.  This is true Lake Grove character in size and style.
  • Building space can be used for meetings, classes, children's play area, teen space, special events, private nursery school, arts center (like Multnomah), coffee bar lounge, etc.
  • City offices for parks department (space for equipment in rear - close to operations center)
  • The exterior can be used for sports playing fields, rented for events, festivals, street fairs, etc. Light it up at night - set up the tents... 
  • Weekday evening farmers market (like Willamete area of West Linn, Pasadena, Pomona, San Luis Obispo...evening fairs are the new big thing!)
  • Local merchants and restauranteurs can have booths and prevent the bleed of retail traffic to Bridgeport and elsewhere. (The SLO street market is famous for BBQ and people come from all over to get a taste!)
  • Public Parking (in rear)
  • Others? 
What do you think?

Bridgeport Village to start farmers market next month

The Times, April 19, 2016  By Geoff Persinger

But Kimberly Blue, regional marketing director at Bridgeport Village, said the market will fit right in with the shopping center's mission of providing a meeting space to the community.

“Personally, I love going to farmers markets on the weekend, but by midweek everything is gone,” said Blue. “I’m a family mom who is juggling kids’ sports and everything else. We wanted to give consumers that ability to get their veggies and have fun mid-week.”

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  1. The worst idea I have heard in ages is building a large parking garage next to the Lake Grove shopping center. The people who have proposed this have not thought about consumer behavior.
    People will NOT walk north on Boones Ferry Road after parking at the proposed garage. Why? Boones Ferry and Bryant is a busy intersection. People do not like crossing busy intersections. People will NOT walk to anywhere if there is not a "draw". There is no "draw" (i.e., someplace people want to go) in Lake Grove except Lake Grove shopping center.
    This proposal is actually the City (in the form of the Urban Renewal District) building a parking lot for Lake Grove shopping center employees.
    And to make it worse, the proposed garage will be the only 3 story building in Lake Grove!