Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Get out your megaphone


I think I am one of those "loud voices" City Councilor Joe Buck referred to on Monday when the Council met with the Planning Commission to discuss their 2016 goals.  He wanted to make sure the  Planning Commission was listening to all citizens, not just the "loud voices".  I wondered if that was me - along with many others.   We put hours and hours of research and thought into our testimony, and contribute to discussions on important topics.  I hope he values what we have to offer.

Where are all the other citizens?  Where are all of the movers and shakers who come out at election time to support their candidates, and then fade away?  And the others who are home, working hard, raising kids, trying to juggle multiple demands, paying the bills...  If the City is interested in hearing from the public they can figure out a way to make it happen.  Who's fault is it if the political scene is complicated, arcane, overwhelming, intimidating, time consuming, and not very welcoming.  My neighbors and friends are not eager to get involved in the chaos unless there's an immediate problem, so they are happy that I speak for them.

Loud?  If being loud means willing to speak up, that's me - but I prefer to call it being an "engaged" citizen.  Now is your chance to be engaged.  If you have never been to a Council or Planning Commission meeting or it's been awhile, bring a friend.  If the meeting is dull or ends early, go out with your friend after, then read all about it in the paper on Thursday!  It could be fun.

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  1. getting around to reading this as I return to see The Pit after a few months in MX. Joregenson (sp?) used to bitch about the vocal minority to dscribe anyone who took the time and made the effort to comment on issues. This all gets old in a hurry. I'm not looking forward to LO politics. The Wizer fiasco did it for me! :)