Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
Photo Courtesy of the Lake Oswego Library

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lying with Pictures

You don't need photoshop to lie with images.

In articles about Climate Change (Global Warming, Climate Disturbance, Global Cooling, etc.), One can see how alarmists use images to sell their story.  Propaganda of all types often use exaggeration for effect - to minimize opposing views and exaggerate the worth of their own.

I ran across the following images from the "Ecocity Builders" website where I discovered the top two images that are clearly exaggerated forms of story-telling.  Ecocity is a non-profit group that wants to transform the world through how man interacts with the built and natural environment. In the first image one can see how Ecocity (and other planners) would move all humans out of the suburbs and exurbs into urban areas in order to reclaim agricultural, natural and wild areas.  These ideas aren't new.  In some plans, humans would not be allowed back into the natural areas - just nature in the neighborhood.

This is Denver.  The left side shows how the city has developed over the last century, and the right side shows the city's transformation to a more eco-friendly design favored by Smart Growth advocates.  Who would want to live in the gray, lifeless world on the left?  In comparison, we should all want to be in the lively, prettier places on the right.  Right where they want you - well, maybe not in the suburban neighborhood!

Left: Existing Denver area zoning map in black and white and too small to explain what one is seeing, and no relationship to right image.
Right: Digital, larger, image with artificial colors  "Eco-City" design (similar to Smart Growth) that clearly shows design elements.

Left: Through an airplane window - image is obscured by thick airplane window glass and distance (atmosphere.). Dull.
Right: Digital image with artificial, enhanced coloring. Pretty.

    Left: Winter: brown, lifeless. Right: Summer: Green, alive.

Top: Dark foreboding, no snow covered mountains in the background, lots of shadows.
Bottom: Beauty shot, bright colors, clear cays,
bright colors, appealing. Not like the same landscape as the airplane-window shot at all.

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