Up Sucker Creek

Up Sucker Creek
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New and improved Wizer block?

At the LORA meeting last night (May 20, 2014), Brant Williams announced that Evergreen Group is close to re-submitting it's redesign of the Wizer Block development, perhaps in a couple of weeks.

Watch the DRC meeting calendar for agenda items to see when they will reopen the public hearing on this case, but calling the Redevelopment Agency office might be quicker as meeting agendas sometimes don't get posted until a couple of days before.

The project is labeled LU 13-0046 for reference and further searches. You may find information on the project HERE .

The DRC Public Hearing is a continuation of the previous hearing that Evergreen Group's attorney, Christi White, halted when she asked for a continuance.  Since they will be submitting NEW evidence this time, this means that anyone may testify, even those who have not testified before.

When the re-submittals are turned in to the building department for a permit, they are available for inspection, even if the document is not complete and there are are portions left out.  Even if the document IS complete, Evergreen Group may turn in revised designs after the fact, so one must stay on top of submittals to be informed.  Quite a task, but it would be worth it not to see something grotesque on display in our downtown.

Please read related previous post, "Under the radar" about some behind the scenes activity by the developer.

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